Prague-based institute launches an antidote to burnout - a one-week "sabbatical" to inspire and reinvigorate leaders and professionals - with the marvels of Prague as backdrop.

The Sabbatical for Leaders and Professionals™ is a completely new kind of learning experience - indispensable for people bearing the brunt of today's unprecedented work and personal pressures. It entails a radical break from routine plus carefully choreographed dosages of the timeless ingredients of maximum creativity and happiness: intellectual challenge, artistic expression, and physical movement. There is also unstructured time for rest and reflection, and for absorbing the breathtaking ambience of Prague - one of the world's architectural treasures.
Sabbaticals are planned breaks to explore other interests, to try new things and stretch boundaries. They are a sure-fire method of recharging depleted creative batteries and resetting one's personal compass. Sabbaticals are valuable not only those who take them, but their employers and colleagues also profit. The Arete Institute's program is designed to assist working professionals obtain many of the benefits of a long time-out, but in a time frame which does not disrupt their careers.
The Arete Institute is an educational organization based in Prague, Czech Republic, which sponsors innovative learning experiences focused on promoting social creativity and visionary leadership.

Arete Institute - seminars and sabbaticals focusing on creativity, leadership, and personal growth.
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