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Arete Institute


The Sabbatical for Leaders and Professionals™

What is a sabbatical? Sabbaticals are planned breaks to explore other interests, to try new things and stretch boundaries. They are a sure-fire method of recharging depleted creative batteries and resetting one's personal compass. But today few professionals outside academe can afford to take a long retreat for study, travel or reinventing themselves. Nor is the traditional summer holiday a panacea: a surprising 54% of Americans report that vacationing leaves them tired.
Why are sabbaticals increasingly relevant today? Throughout the industrial world burnout is becoming an epidemic as work hours and tasks expand. Harvard economist has documented that between the 1970s and 1990s the typical American adult lost over a month of leisure time annually. This phenomenon is spreading across the developed world as organizations restructure to maintain global competitiveness. Serious consequences of our contemporary "time deficit" are already visible. Yale University political scientist Robert Lane has linked the epidemic of clinical depression among the inhabitants of the world's richest societies to lack of time for friendship and recreation. The extreme case today is Japan, where executive suicide is alarmingly commonplace.
What makes the Arete Sabbatical distinct? Ironically, at no time in history has there been more knowledge - based on scientific research - to help besieged individuals handle the whirlwind pace of modern life, and thrive. Unfortunately, few people are exposed to this research through formal education, and fewer still have an opportunity to take a needed pause to begin integrating these sensible ideas and habits into their lives. The Arete Sabbatical in Prague is designed to accomplish that, and in a time frame manageable for most working professionals.


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